1. How did you get your name?

The older homies in the hood use to call me Daffy, then it turned into Deezy, Drew Deezy. 

2. Where you from?

San Jose , California "East Side"

3. Who's your favorite Polly artist?

Fiji , he is a legend, i grew up to him. He put the Polly scene in motion.

4. Do you think you will ever cut your hair (Bald or a Fade)?

The day i make a 100 mill, but i dont think so.

5. What does 454 mean to you?

Family and Brother hood.

6. Whats your favorite color?

Money green.

7. Whats your favorite city to party in?


8. Do you like drinking Kava?

Yup, i do now, Just had some in Utah.

9. Whats your favorite song off the "Polly Tape" album?

"Come back to me", featuring Fiji

10. Will there be a Polly Tape 2?

Yup, coming soon, already almost done.

**Bonus** Whats your favorite Hot Sauce?

Sriracha Hot Sauce, on my spread lol.

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