1. How did you get the name Messy Marv?

Back in the days there were some fucked up cards called the "Garbage Pail Kids" , and one of them said Messy Marv, so use to get teased for that, and plus i used to start alot of shit, so from there it just stuck.

2. Where are you from?

Im from San Francisco California , Filmoe! The blackest part of the city.

3. How old were you when you first started rapping?

I was about 12 years old, doing talent shows, but professionally like 15 years old. I put out my first Cassett "Game to be sold" in 1993 , then i was like 15 or 16 when "Messy Situations" came out. Im a real Bay Dinorsuar , i started off as a young nigga.

4. Whos your favorite artist?

My favorite artist as of now is Wale , Cassidy when it comes to those bars, Gillie the Kid, Maino , Uncle Murda , youll jump in my car and hear a mix tape of some shit from NY, Philly, the West , Rich The Factor thats one of my favs, Of course Weezy he one of the greatest, Jigga , i Jigga's first album in my deck now, Dead Prez aswell.

5. Whats your favorite Messy Marv song?

Has to be the one i did with Dead Prez , called "You aint the only one" , it was a real kinda politicle song , it touched a few nerves, it was a real ass song. Thats one of my favorites, one of the realest songs i ever done with two of the realest mutha fuckas.

6. Who would you want to work with that you havent worked with yet?

Man i want to work with Rick Ross, i want to fuck with Yo Gotti , Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg thats been my dream, Ice Cube the ones that layed the foundation. 

7. Whens the last time you talked to San Quinn?

Its been a minute, i havent talked to Quinn in a minute. But support Quinn, he is real real talented we come from the same place, alot of times differences seperate people, and its up to them to fix that shit and get shit right and some times things just dont get fixed. Time permits , when time permits well holla and if not its no love lost im doing my thing.

8. Do you think you could ever work with JT The Bigg Figga again?

JT did alot for San Francisco , Jt was one of the first mutha fuckas up out of Filmoe that got a deal and got the ball rolling. Him and Master P got the deal around the same time,  everyone thought JT was going to do it but Master P turned around and made the billions. I really looked up to dude, my first album i went to his studio, lil nigga bought my own beats, I never been on a GLP album , i never been on a JT album, i never opened up for them, i was out the way fuckin wit it but i always looked up to dude because it was Filmoe. So what ever he is going through now is on him, but i been trying to throw the ball back , but like i said i dont know maybe but its still Filmoe tho.

9. Being a Blood that raps from California, do you have any connections or relationships with any other blood rappers from California like The Game, Mack 10, Mitchy Slick, Jay Rock, A-Wax, YG?

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10. What have you learned from your Reno Circus Circus robbery experience?

I actually learned being somewhere like the Circus Circus in Reno Nevada a family orientated casino thats branded, you have in your mind that your in a safe envirorment , and when your 16 floors up , you really feel safer after saying to yourself your at the Circus Circus. So for that to happen , makes me feel that the Circus Circus is not a safe place for people, children, or Entertainers. If i can be 16 floors up and be beat half to death by 4 to 5 mutha fuckas with a firearm, and a mutha fucka to tape it ,put it on worldstar and leave out and no one saw nothing? And when i wake up and call to get help to go to the hospital and i didnt get that?, so its not a safe place for a human being, . So what i learned from it was to beef up my security, and to stay away from mutha fuckas in general, not be so accessible , i have to beef up my whole professionalism. 

**Bonus** Whats your favorite Hot Sauce?


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