1. How did you get the name "Turk"?

That was a name that came from my Mama and them, back in the G, thats somethin that i grew up with.

2. Where you from?

Im from New Orleans, Uptown Magnolia.


3. How much time did you just serve?

Mayne i served 8 years, 8 months, 16 days. 

4. How many songs have you recorded since being free?

Mayne i got a mixtape droping (May 22) called "Louisianimalz" vol.1, im on 18 songs on that, i got 22 songs on it, um i dropped "Blame it on the system" that had like 16, 17 songs on there, thats almost 40 somthin songs, plus the songs that i featured on, about 18 features, probally about 100 somethin songs since i been home.

5. Do you see a change in the rap game now, from the rap game before you went in?

Yeah mayne nothing stays the same, everything changes. You got alot of youngstas thats coming into the game, that got there way of living from i had my way of living, they doing thangs different, but aint nothin new under the sun its all the same.

6. How did you meet Lil Wayne?

Really, we all came as solo artist with Cash Money. We were at the studio all together, on Kanal street, when Cash Money first started out. They put the "Hot Boyz" together, me and Lil Wayne got real close, as they put the group together and the rest was history. 

7. Whats your favorite "Hot Boyz" song?

I really dont have no favorite Hot Boyz song, what ever the fans like, thats what i love.

8. Do you still talk to all members of the "Hot Boyz"?

Yeah i talk to B.G, he's locked up doing 14 years. Me and Juvy did a couple shows together. I talk to Mannie Fresh, i talked with Baby when i first came home. Me and Wayne did a song together on the "Blame it on the system" mixtape. We all working we all got core relationships , they just doing they thang, and im doing mines at the YNT Empire. 

9. Whats your input on Mannie Fresh not being included on a new "Big Tymers" album?

I cant speak for how he feel on that whole situation, how they coming with new Big Tymers. But everyone knows what it is, aint no Big Tymers like Baby & Mannie Fresh, no matter how you try to change it up, you cant change it, because the first Big Tymers was legendary, but the new Big Tymers is very talented , so it will be a good look both ways.

10. Whats next for Turk?

Im bout to go on the road , couple shows lined up. I just signed a managment contract, shout out to Dab , i done hooked up with couple PR agents , mayne just take it to a whole nother level, this go around i got team players it aint just me, i got my managment invovled in my career. I got a book "The audio thugagraphy of Turk, I got a screen play of my life called "Reckless", i got the "Blame it on the sytem" mixtape already out, you can get that on Datpiff.com & Livemixtapes.com, and i got "Louisianimalz" vol.1 on Livemixtapes.com , just giving the people the Turk that they know back n the days, young and thuggin but grown up.

**Bonus** Whats your favorite Hot Sauce?

Mayne, Tabasco! You already know what my favorite Hot Sauce is, Louisiana.

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